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Chef & Sommelier
Cooking is an art fuelled by smells and flavours to create unique masterpieces. In the context of such excellence and perfection, Chef & Sommelier is working to help the finest establishments increase their customers’ sensory experience.
The tableware brand for the professionals, Arcoroc is manuf. by Arc International france, Offers Quality, design and value to food service worldwide. It offers an extensive range of innovative of high-quality, safe and functionnal products.
EAGM Hotel & Catering Supplies
EAGM have built up a reputation as reliable business partner with a strong commitment to customer service, quality and continuity of supply of their products. EAGM are proud of their unmatched customer relationship, which is inherent in their exceptional service and stock back up together with an unrivalled distribution network. EAGM are the leading suppliers with a comprehensive range of attractive, high quality and sensibly priced tableware. In order to provide a more complete "in house" service to their customers EAGM have expanded their product range to cover a variety of stainless steel cutlery, hollowware, catering accessories and quality plastic housewares.

Dinnerware suppliers, Drinkware suppliers, Hotelware suppliers, Glassware suppliers, Crockery suppliers in india.

EAGM specializes in the supply of tableware and light catering equipment to the Food Service Industry with a multi-national presence spanning Eastern Africa and India and has a customer base which includes hotels, hotel groups, restaurants, bars, canteens, outside caterers and institutions.

RAK world's largest ceramic manufacturer. RAK porcelain uses only the highest quality raw material imported from the famous mines of UK & Germany to produce the fully vitrified high alumina porcelain.
Sunnex are constantly launching new and better products for the household and catering trade. Over 80% of our goods are exported to 70 countries and majority of items are made of high quality stainless steel.